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Tracking Genie ®: GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India
In order to improve your understanding of this software, our list of FAQs attempts to answer all your queries, doubts and concerns, right from basic to complex. Please read on.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is GPS? GPS is a space based radio navigation system developed by US defence services. These consist of constellation of 24 earth orbit satellites that transmit microwave signals to a GPS receiver. From these signals the receiver calculates the latitude, longitude, altitude and time for each specific user.
2.How does GPS work? The system works on triangulation to find a location. We need minimum of 4 satellites to calculate the latitude, longitude, altitude and time for each specific user.
3.How do we get details on our PC/Laptop/Smart Phone? The GPS receivers passively receive signals and convert them into meaningful data. This data is transmitted to your PC/Laptop/Smart Phone with the help of server through GSM connectivity.
4.Where is the GPS receiver installed and is it easily visible? It is placed inside the vehicle facing the SKY in such a manner that it is not easily visible to all.
5.How old is our company and where do we have our branches located. What is the area of operation? The company will complete a decade of its incorporation this December. Its commercial activities are 5 year old.
6.Do we manufacture the devices or procure these from outside? The devices are assembled in China as per the company’s norms.
7.Can we view the same through mobile or not? Yes we do have a mobile application and the fleet status can be viewed on the Android /iOS phones.
8.In case of weak network how the data will be transmitted? If the GSM connectivity is low then the device stores (memory storage capability) the data and transmits the data as soon as the vehicle is in GSM connectivity range.
9.What if the device is disconnected from the main power source? The device has an internal battery and in case of disconnection from the main power source it can function for minimum three hours.
10.What do we mean by Remote Shut down? Through this feature we can start or shut down the vehicle remotely just by sending a SMS. This SMS can be sent through our application (web based or mobile based) or through your own mobiles directly.
11.What is the maximum accuracy (in meters) GPS provides? The accuracy of a position determined with GPS depends on the type of receiver. Most consumer GPS units have an accuracy of about +/-10m.
12.What is the resolution time in case of any issue in the device or no data? Do we have any local engineers or service available? This depends on the location and the availability of the vehicle. Our standard TAT for resolution of a complaint once the vehicle availability is confirmed is 3 working days.
13.What is the accuracy level in fuel monitoring? The accuracy level in fuel monitoring through fuel sensor at present is 95% (minimum). We also have a special feature in fuel monitoring that reflects sudden drop in fuel level (THEFT) without movement of vehicle.
14.Is there an option to extend the warranty and do we provide AMC? We provide one-year warranty on all our products against manufacturing defects. The same is as per the standard norms of the industry. Yes we can work on the option of AMC if the client is interested.
15.Does the camera function provide the facility of live streaming? No our current modules do not support live streaming at present.
16.What is the frequency of the data? We provide two logs in every minute.
17.How do you show the location of the vehicle? We use licensed Google premium maps.
18.What is the uptime of your application? We use worlds best cloud based servers and our uptime is over 99%.
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